kevin Kevin Bates
“Bradley’s understanding of the game and flight of discs is remarkable. Which makes it easy for him to help you make changes to your game.”
nate Nate Corder
“After one lesson with Brad, my backhand has already improved and I am a lot more consistent.”
goss Justin Goss
“Bradley Williams is a gifted instructor who is dedicated to helping his clients. He excels at identifying and fixing problems one might have in form or strategy. I trained with Bradley once a week for three months and thanks to him, I won my first tournament last July. His training sessions are fun, focused, and definitely worth the investment.”
gary Gary Marotz
“If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to get lessons from Brad, he is all business, it would be best to have already stretched, and warmed up and be ready to go by the time you get there. 
Don’t even take his lessons unless you are willing to practice and apply what he instructs you, he doesn’t want you to waste his time… really expects progress the next time you see him.
I find even though I initially planned on weekly lessons, I wanted at least a few weeks to work on what I learned last-before I even want to go for more. Even if it is a one time session, he has a knack for spotting what will give you the most improvement based on what your goals are.
robert Robert McCall
“Brad relentlessly works on his swing and he understands the mechanics of disc golf better than just about anyone. However, he also has the rare ability to translate this understanding into practical teaching. He’s a perfectionist with his game and will treat yours with the same respect.”
RiX Rick Perez
“Bradley’s ability to see the smallest details is what makes him the perfect disc golf coach. He uses his attention to detail to teach you to be a better player. He has taught me to slow down and to use my feelings more. Relearning what I thought I knew was key to moving forward in my progress. If you are looking to improve your game of disc golf, I highly recommend working with Bradley.”
photo Casey Wright
“Not only did Brad help me with Disc Golf, he helped me become a man.”
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