I am a Disc Golf course designer and consultant. I have experience playing on over 500 courses, both recreational and professional level. Contact me for further information on how I can assist you with your course design.

Course Design:

  1. I can evaluate and determine how to best maximize your land’s potential for establishing a permanent or temporary Disc Golf course.
  2. I compete in 30+ MPO events each year. This gives me insight on how to best build challenging and fair obstacles for your course.
  3. I throw left and right handed shots–a rare skill, which gives me the ability to look at your property fairly when designing holes.
  4. I’m passionate about improving the game of Disc Golf and the courses the game is played on.

Course Consultant:

  1. I can walk your course and make tweaks for better scoring variation, open up new angles and determine which hazards should be removed or altered.
  2. If you are planning on running an event and wish to add holes or make adjustments for the existing course, I can work with you to manage and create ideal scoring variations, with new, unique and challenging obstacles.
  3. I would love to be a part of any event you wish to create.
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