Disc Golf is a game you can easily fall in love with. And love of the game means one thing–much of your time will be spent throwing discs!  For most of us, when we start playing we look to those around us for insight on how to make the Disc fly. Disc Golf is a very young game, and the feeling of pioneering a new frontier is one of the reasons people love it so much. We all develop our own strategies and principles that govern us while playing Disc Golf. This is a rewarding benefit of playing such a new game. However, bad habits can develop by learning from people who haven’t mastered the art of throwing Discs. Spending hours throwing with bad technique trains your muscles in that motion and can be very hard to correct, as well as causing injury to your body.

I am self-taught and I know what a pain it can be to correct bad habits. You should have seen how I first started throwing Discs! The process of correcting my own poor postural and muscle memory habits, and the time spent in the field forging new and better habits, has taught me about myself, my body and the Game of Disc Golf. I am very confident I can help you with your game!

  • I offer private and group lessons locally in Austin
  • I offer online lessons over FaceTime or Form Check/Feedback by video
  • I also offer lessons while on tour. Check my touring dates and contact me for further information.

My 2023 Tour season has started and ends mid October. Please email for possible lesson opportunities.

Contact me by email at BradleyDiscLessons@gmail.com